Veterinary Virology And Microbiology Institute

Doctor of Biological Sciences

Telephone: +7 (8342) 254190
E-mail: zenkin50@; kafedra_vp@agro.

Chair (morphology, physiology and veterinary pathology)

Place of birth: S. Shatino, Poretsk District, Chuvas SSR

Nationality: Russian

Other posts: Deputy Director, Agrarian Institute for Scientific Research

Carrier: Graduated from the Alatar Railway Technician (1969), the Kazan veterinary Institute of N.E. Bauman (1976). Candidate of biological sciences (1984), Doctor of Biological Sciences (1993), Professor (2000). Laboratory, Assistant, Assistant, Research Assistant, Casana Veterinary Institute (1976-1980), Associate and Senior Research Fellow, Union Research Institute Veterinary virology and microbiology (1980-1993). Professor (1993), Head of the Department of Non-communicable Diseases and Radiology of the N. P. Ogareva Agrarian Institute (2009). From 6 April 2009 to present, the head of the veterinary pathology department.

Scientific interests, publications: Development of environmentally sound veterinary drugs and radio-environmental monitoring in contaminated areas. 21 patents for inventions and useful models, 2 roll-out rationalization proposals, a short radio-environmental dictionary, 8 training manuals (5 of which have a UMO grif), more than 20 methodological recommendations, 20 regulatory documents, more than 300 scientific works.

Awards: An honorary certificate awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation (2005). RASHN ' s Diploma for the best completed academic development in 2008 (2009), as the head of the student ' s scientific work, is grateful for the national system for the development of the scientific, creative and innovative activities of the youth of Russia, Integration (2008).

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