Microbiology Of Nutritional Physiology

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F. E.O.Level of educationDisciplinary
Tatiana ProkofievnaSochi Institute (Filial) RUDN, Catering Technology, Technologist, 2009
Autonomous non-profit educational organization of higher education of the Centreozouza of the Russian Federation, University of Coopération, Bakalav on " Products technology and catering " , 2015.
Microbiology, sanitation and hygiene in food production. Nutritional physiology. Catering equipment. The cocktail technology. A foreign kitchen. Kavkaskaya, Cuba's kitchen.
Léjène Olga DmitrievnaP.A. Costacheva, Engineering Technology, 2010Quality control: Complex bakeries, flour-condites. Complex cold and hot dessert technology. P/f technology for complex cooking. Complex cold cooking technology. Complex hot cooking technology.
Management of the structural unit. Designing catering facilities.
Chekov Tatiana MihaylovnaLGU A.A.Jdanova, Hima, 1990.
FGAU WO ROADN, Moscow, Applied Informatics, Bakalav, 2015.
Chemistry. Analytical chemistry. Information technology in professional activities. Math.
Alexandre Yasonovna GabuniyaSochi Institute (Filial) RUDN, Catering Technology, Technologist, 2014gProvision of catering services. Training practices. Business practice(s)
Bougaeva Anna ViktorovnaSochi Institute (Filial) RUDN, Catering Technology, Technique Technology, 2015gLabour protection. Primary processing. Catering technology.
Isaeva Vera VladimirUniversity of Marie State, Russian and Literature, 1977.

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