Linking Medical Microbiology To Other Disciplines


Special course on Medical Geography Lecture 1 Topic: INTRODUCTION IN THE MEDITIONS

MEDICINH GEOGRAPIA is a science that has emerged at the juncture of the two largest systems of science, geography and medicine. Which means that medical geography is an interdisciplinary scientific area, and it is part of Nauk on Earth. It can therefore be determined that the connecting components for medical geography research will be pathology and territoria. Thus, medical geography is a science that examines the legality of the spatial spread and distribution of diseases and pathologies according to geographical conditions (both natural and socio-economic).

A more concise but precise definition can be identified from the BS: MEDICINH GEOGRAPIA is a science studying the geographical spread of disease and human pathological conditions, the causes of this spread and the impact of the geographical environment on human health.

Anatolia Georgievich, an outstanding domestic geography scholar, defined health geography: a science that examines the impact of the geographical environment on human health, as well as laws on the geographical spread of diseases and other pathological conditions.

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