Microbiology Virus

микробиология, вирусология

Bacteria living in the guinea intestines protects owners from infections

About half of all insects are grassy, but that does not mean that their diet is limited exclusively to plants. Potentially harmful bacteria may also be found in the body, along with parts of leaves. Scientists have been able to find out how geese are protected from them. The results of the study were published in Cell Chemical Biology.

Turns out bacteria, often found in the intestines of gooses or nights, as well as many other butterflies, produce a powerful anti-microbial protein. At the same time, it removes bacteria-symbionts from competitors and protects geese from disease.

" For a long time, it has been assumed that the bacteria living in the bowels of the host body performs, including protective functions. However, no specific types or molecular mechanisms involved in the process have been identified so far, and the first author of the work of Yongzi Shao (Yongqi Shao) from Zhejiang University (kit ные drafting). - We have shown that the evolutionary success of insects is partly due to their symbiotic relationship with microorganisms that make up the microbiote of the intestine. These micro-organisms have evolved with their owners for millions of years.”

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