Microbiology Of Beast Virus

Зверев Виталий Васильевич

Zverev Vitaly Vasiljevic

Title, degree: Aquad. RAMO, Professor, D.B.

Vitaly Vasiljevic Zverev - virologist and immunologist, Dr. Bill. Science (1995), Professor since 2002, Chl. Korr. RAM (1999), Academia RAMO (2002), Academic Secretary, Department of Preventive Medicine, RAM, member of the Bureau (since 2006) of RAMS; Government Awards (1998, 2006).

Graduated from the Faculty of Health of the Volgograd State Medical Institute (1975). 1975-1979 Associate Research Officer, VNIA Applied Microbiology, Oolensk. 1979-1985 Associate Scientific Officer, Institute of Molecular Genetics, AN USSR, Moscow. In 1985-2005, O.G. Anjaparidze RAMO: Senior Research Officer (1985-1988), after Laboratory (1988-1990), Deputy Director of Scientific Work (1990-1996), Director of the Institute (1996-2005). Since 2006, I.I.M. Mechnikov RAMM Director of Vaccines and serums, and at the same time, I.M. Sechenova, IMA Chair of Microbiology, Viralology and Immunology.

V.V. Zverev, one of the leading domestic virologists and immunologists of the 21st, is actively developing biotechnology, vaccines, molecular biology and virus genetics, biological safety. One of the authors of industrial technology for the production of IF systems for the diagnosis of relevant human infections (HIV infection, hepatitis B and C, herpetic infection, etc.). Develops and testes (in co-author) different versions of the inactive vaccine against the bird influenza virus. Works to create a new class of vaccines that activate congenital immunity for emergency prevention of a wide range of infections. At the same time, the interaction of viruses with cells, molecular-biological structure and the regulation of the expression of virus receptor genes, the structure and functions of viral proteins.

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