Microbiology Lecture

Микробиология. Лекция 1

Asparagine is used only for synthesis of white molecules. In all other aminotic acids, nitrogen is introduced through re-accidents catalyzed by appropriate aminotransphes, with glutamine acid: glutaminic acid + chaveloucaceic acid - - Nature - Aporagin acid + a-ketocarbon acid. Another way of including ammonia nitrogen in organic compounds is the response leading to carbamyl phosphate formation: NH3 + CO2 + 2ATF - " H2N " - CO - - O - RO3H2 + 2ADF + FH. Carbamoyl phosphate The further use of carbon monoxide is taking place in two directions: for the synthesis of pyrimids and the Arctic. Biosynthesis of mononucleotides. Nuk-lein acid (RNC, DNA) cells are built from mononucleotides. In addition, the mononucleotides of the vocabulary are part of many caffrections and are thus involved in various catalytic functions. The central place of mononucleotides in biosin-thesis is the synthesis of the pure and pyrimid bases. Most procariots are capable of synthesizing these alliances from low-molecular predecessors. The synthesis of pure and pyrimid mononucleotides is carried out independently. Consistent enzymatic reactions in synthesis ze of purin nucleotides result in annosine acid, which synthesizes adenyl- waya (AMF) and guanilovai (GF) acid for the chemistry modifications of the pureen ring. The first synthesized pyrimid nucleotide is ORo-tidal acid, whose decarboxification leads to the formation of UR. The latter serves as the predecessor of quotations of dilapidated nucleotides, but the corresponding transformation takes place at the triphosphate level, so the MFI will first form OTF, the amining of which leads to the creation of TF. Deoxyribo-nucleotides are generated by the re-establishment of appropriate ribonucleotides at the diphosphate level (for some procariots described but such a transformation at the triphosphate level). Synthesis of specific-71 goss for DNA nucleotide - timidyl acid - occurs through fer-mentative methylization of deoxyuridelic acid. Many procariots are able to use the ready-to-charge pure and pyrimid bases in the nutrient environment. ♪ ♪

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