Sanitary Microbiology Of Air

Санитарная микробиология

The title of the topic "Sanitary-Bacteriological Study."
1. Hello? Self-purification of open water bodies.
2. Sanitary-microbiological control of the waters of open water bodies and the quality of drinking water.
3. Sanitary-bacteriological study of water of swimming pools, wastewater.
5. Terms of circulating microorganisms in the air. Indicative micro-organisms of air sanitation.
6. Methods for microorganisms from air. Air study.
7. Sanitary microbiological studies of food products. Food research.
8. Non-special microflora of food products. Sanitary-microbiological analysis of food quality.
9. Sampling for product analysis. Product sampling techniques.
10. Sanitary-microbiological control of LPC. Medical and microbial control of hospitals.

The main objective of the air sanitary and microbial research is the hygienic and epidemiological assessment of the air environment, as well as the development of a range of activities aimed at preventing the aerogenic transmission of infectious diseases. In assessing the sanitary condition of the closed spaces, depending on the objectives of the study, MPHs, the presence of MRs (staphilocs, a- and beta-gemoletic straps, which are indicators of the contamination of human microflora nos. Due to the development of the biotechnology industry using various micro-organisms-producing BAV, the risk of emissions of large concentrations of microbes, including the changed genotype, has increased significantly. However, the production of certain substances directly includes the periodic production of micro-organisms. The problem of controlling microflora atmospheric air and decontamination of biotechnological emissions is of particular relevance.

Air microwave

The microbial air pollution is non-permanent and local, i.e. the microflor of the air depends on the sampling location and time. In summer, the air is slightly higher than winter. The atmospheric air is particularly saturated by microorganisms over large cities. When considering the quality composition of the microflora, the microflor of the atmosphere and the air of the living rooms should be distinguished.

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