Applied Microbiology

«Прикладная микробиология


MICROBIOLOGY Biology studying micro-organisms, mainly viruses, bacteria, mushrooms (especially caves), single-celled algae and the lowest. This diverse, artificially integrated group of microscopic small organisms is the subject of one science because the methods originally developed for bacteria are used to study them. Microbiological methods are based on clean crops grown from one cell. (Multiple cell cultivation techniques are also borrowed from bacteriology.) Medical microbiology courses usually also include immunology and study of larger parasites such as worms and insects.

Methods and achievements of microbiology have enriched and contributed to many sections of biology. The ability to rapidly increase the vast populations of microbes and to identify rare options among them (e.g. mutant and recombinant forms) has allowed for a more detailed study of the nature of microorganisms ' heritage, up to molecular levels. Data on inheritance mechanisms were disseminated to all forms of living and formed the basis of genetic engineering. See also Genius.

Microbiology is still relevant. Many microbes are pathogenic for humans, animals and plants and cause various diseases. Medical microbiology is exploring ways to spread infection, the sensitivity of communicable disease incinerators to antibiotics and their pathogens. In clinical laboratories, patients ' examinations usually contain and cultivate pathogenic microbes in order to identify and obtain effective treatment. Other applications include industrial microbiology (influencing of antibiotics, micro-organisms in food processing, preservation of materials from deterioration and decomposition, soil burning, extraction of metals from ore and industrial waste, development of oil protein techniques). Finally, agricultural microbiology specializes in improving soil fertility and preventing diseases of agricultural animals.

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