Application Microbiology Depletion

прикладной микробиологии

The State Science Centre for Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (GBMF), an institution that has been in the domestic market for more than 18 years, is the main activity: the development and production of microbiological nutrients.

The scientific centre is currently one of the main producers of high-quality nutrients for sanitary and clinical microbiology designed to control microbial contamination of medicines, as well as for diagnosing diphtheria, cholera, tularemia, ulceric ulcers, hierenesis, disbacteriosis, lysophideosis, lesteriosis,

Together with the leading scientific institutions of Russia, the State Research Centre is conducting surveys on the development of new nutrients and testing systems for the diagnosis of particularly dangerous and socially significant infections. This is possible thanks to high-technology equipment, the availability of skilled personnel and multi-level quality control. All NCC development is protected by patents and has no equivalent in the domestic market.

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