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The Original was taken from the Lozka to recognize the most powerful cure for virus diseases.

A cinnamon from South Asia (Seygon and Ceylon) can act as a powerful cure for virus diseases. The results of the study, which identified the very strong counter-viral effect of this buckle, were presented at the annual conference of the American Society of Microbiology, held in New Orleans.

The biologists from the University of Touro, who studied the properties of the Koreans, found that, in their effectiveness, they outweighed known natural antimicrobial tools such as onions, garlic, lemon, peppers and others.

In laboratory conditions, scientists have tested the extracts of plants known for their ability to suppress viruses. In particular, specialists examined the effects of plant extracts on the Phi X virus, which is very similar to pathogens dangerous to animals and humans. Extracts from the bow, garlic, nails, peppers, lemons, cocoa and Spanish shafran were used.

The anti-viral activity of these extracts was compared with the two varieties of South Asian cinnamon, Sigon and Céilon. This analysis demonstrated the apparent superiority of cinnamon over other plants in the fight against parasites.

“ A water solution containing 5 milligrams of cinnamons killed a virus with almost 100 per cent success within 10 minutes " was reported by the authors.

It was found that the cinnamon extract destroyed the protein of the virus, thus deactivating it. Through their work, scientists suggested that the inclusion of coin spoons in the daily diet could be an effective means of preventing viral diseases.

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