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Презентация. Плесневые грибы

In the framework of the 25th International Specialized Exhibition BELEGRO 2015 (Ms. Minsk), a series of seminars were held under the general trends of DEÑ PALA and the Forum of BIO. Presentations were made by NAN Belarus, a magazine called Science and Innovation, in conjunction with the New Ideas Company.
Programme of the seminar Innovative technologies for agriculture included the following:

" Microbial fertilizers to stimulate growth and plant development " , Rapporteur - Alezchenkov Zinaid Mihaylovna - veil of the micro-organisms of soil and higher plants of the Institute of Microbiology of NAM Belarus; (see presentation).
" New domestic micro-fertilization " , rapporteur: Azizbekian Sergei Gurgenović, Director of Science and Technology Society " ACTEH " (see presentation).
" Universal preparations for non-indigenous meals of fruit and vegetables "Rapporteur, Croth Oleg Illarionovich PU Unitehprom BGU; (see presentation).
" Vermitehnology in Belarus " , Rapporteur-Maximov Svetlan Leonidovna, Chief of the Laboratories of the " NCP Bioresources " (see presentation).
" Bioprotection for Plants against Diseases and Pests " , Rapporteur of Moldova Olga Vladislavna, Zam, biological control laboratory Institute of Microbiology NAN Belarus. (see presentation).
Biotechnology Innovation
" Investigators for functional food products " , Rapporteur, Modiv Tatiana Afanassievna, Republican unitary enterprise Unitechm BGU (see presentation).
" Scientific and practical questions on the establishment of specialized dietary preventive milk products "Rapporteur, Jabanos Natalia Constantinovna, PS BELIKTIMMP; (see presentation).
" Probiotics - Alternative to Veterinary and Feeding Antibiotics " , Rapporteur of Svercova Natalia Vladimirina, Deputy Director of the Scientific Work of the NAM Institute of Microbiology, Belarus. (See presentation).
Participants in the seminar - farmers, agronomists, producers have received prototypes of presented products and have been able to obtain skilled assistance with regard to feeding regulations and agricultural protection. (See presentation).
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