Beast Of Battle Microbiology

Скачать бесплатно учебник «Медицинская микробиология, вирусологии и иммунология», Зверев В.В. Year of issue: 2010

The course " Medicine microbiology, virology and immunology " was prepared by the cafeteria of microbiology, virology and immunology of the Moskov Medical Academy of the I.M. Sechenova, Russian State Medical University, Moscow State Medical University, St. Petersburg State Medical University, I. P. Pavlova, Military Medical Academy.
The " Medicine Microbiology, Virusology and Immunology " , consists of two volumes (20 chapters) that deal consistently with obese and private microbiology, virology and immunology. Theoretical material is illustrated by tables and figures.
The first volume consists of the 2nd parts, comprising 14 chapters. Part one (Chapter 1-7) is devoted to general microbiology. It describes the history of microbiology, classification, morphology, physiology, ecology and microbe genetics, anti-microbial drugs. The second part (Chapter 8-14) contains a study on infection and immunity.
The book " Medicine microbiology, virology and immunology " has been supplemented by a compact book. The CD-ROM contains supplements on the main chapters of the textbook (Cap. 8.15-17), as well as material on the subject Microbiology for students in medical and preventive medical schools.
The " Medicine microbiology, virology and immunology " is written in accordance with the approved curriculum and is designed for students in the medical, paediatric and medical faculties.

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