Basis Of Microbiology And Virology

Вид бактерий под микроскопом

scientific work on the theme " Organizational and methodological foundations for problem-and-module training in microbiology, virology in a medical facility " . Scientific article on the speciality of " National education " , Pedagogica

No. 1-2015 13.00.00 pedagogical sciences
KDC 378.661
B. V. Leon1, I. V. Ananina2, L. N. Treevianko. T. N. Sokolova. B. B. Shelstuk1
L. V. Leona1
1BU Hantah-Mansia State Medical Academy (Mr. Hunta-Mansiask, Hanta-Mansia Autonomous Region-Sorra) 2FGBO GO (Mr. Hunta-Mansiask, Hanta-Mansia Autonomous Region-Sorra)
Theoretically justified and piloted the feasibility of moving to problem-module learning technology microbiology and virology We're going to go to school. The article sets out the basic principles of microbiology and virology education on problem-and-module technology, and compares traditional and problem-and-module learning technology (TBT). The use of the PETI model for microbiology and virology has enabled students to have a positive attitude towards learning and to improve their quality by 13 to 15 per cent.
Keywords: problem-and-module learning technology, module, microbiology, virology, traditional learning system, synthesis, ongoing monitoring, quality learning.
Introduction. Microbiology has a special situation in all the disciplines of the medical vase. On the one hand, she equips a future doctor with the knowledge of prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, on the other hand, knowledge of biology and the environment of pathogenic micro-organisms contributes to the acquisition of the basic knowledge needed to understand clinical disciplines that affect micro- and macro-organism interactions. The transition to a multi-layer training system, the ever-increasing number of information on the instigators of human infectious diseases, laboratory diagnostics, therapy and prevention of infections caused by them, the reduction in the number of classrooms, and the low educational activity of students, have forced them to find new effective ways of teaching microbiology in a medical facility. In the traditional learning system, these problems are addressed through the individualization of teaching time, which is why most of the time is spent. ♪ ♪

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