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Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else

Anything might seem funny if it happens to others.

It's not all the words that really mean. The creativity, the use of graceful inclination, persuasive gesture on the podium, the reference to authority and even its membership do not guarantee the inadvertentness of the produced and written.

Professional " building " , in the classroom, is found among health professionals. The intelligentness of the submission, the saturation of terms and science often fails to recognize the " joke " , especially for people who are unprepared. As a result, the humoristic masterpiece, which is shaped (which is typical) in the form of any methodological advice or useful advice, is cloaked on the glacial pages, and its true nature remains unaccounted. At the same time, the holders of such sophisticated wit are often unvalued and not well-known.

We believe that the efforts of our site are necessary to address this injustice, at least in the field of medicine related to microbiology and the use of antibiotics. To this end, a new section and forum for doctors, entitled " " , is being organized on the site to address the following challenges: (1) the identification of " silent " recommendations and (2) their collective discussion.

It is important to note that some mistakes are not related to individuals but to traditional practices. The purpose of the new section and forum is not to discuss the individual, but to address the misconceptions. Maybe every method has a rational grain, and we just don't know proof of its rationality.

Physicians, who have been bleeding for centuries, incinerated by iron, have also been convinced of the absolute effectiveness of these methods, and our aim is to make doctors wonder why no such method is used anywhere else in the world.

Don't be uncomfortable, find and send us " ridiculous " recommendations.

PS:The joke, repeated twice, stops being ridiculous. Besides, she stops being a joke. We would like to believe in the " repetition " of the detected humor. We hope that our inspirators also appreciate the uniqueness of their own wit and will not be able to quote its fruit repeatedly. We're kidding, and it's coming! As Confuci said, " The only real mistake is not to correct its past mistakes " .
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