Borris Is A Medical Microbiology Virus For Immunology

А.М.Рыбакова 2003г Борисов

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All acute intestinal infections and their treatment are exposed to such poisonings as a result of feeding staphically infected foods. The staphists are supposed to count people suffering from thinzillite, angina or faringiti. In addition, staphiloc infections are present in the organism and those with gene damages of skin, such as streptodermi and furunkules. In most cases, staphile infection occurs when food products such as meat, milk, fish, kefire are used. The violation of both storage and cooking rules is considered to be an important factor for the development of staphoccal intestinal infections. Typically, the rapid reproduction of food intakers ' data is concentrated in the warm environment.

Virus infections among children - the child is concerned about headache, tearing, muscle pain, throat, nose, voice screaming, general incapacity. There may subsequently be a dry and painful cough that gives the baby a mass of discomfort and pain.

Sexual infections - what's sex infections? When did they come? Sexual infections. What diseases are related to bacterial sexually transmitted infections? What are the diseases related to sexually transmitted infections? What are the diseases of mushroom and protosy sexually transmitted infections? Risk of sexual penitentiaries infection - What is it?

Viral infections of women ' s sex - Infection of such viral HIV may occur through blood or sexual contact. In only three to five years, the sick starts to worry about the symptoms of the infection, such as infirmity, weakness, night sweating, obscuration, fever, loss and others.

Infection - clinical aspects - any infectious process involves the reaction of macro-organisms to infiltration and reproduction of different types of micro-organisms. To date, there is a large number of infections that can cause various infectious diseases in humans.

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