Acute Intestinal Infections Of Microbiology

Острые кишечные инфекции

- Meteorism (from the Greek μεtro-derivatives, lifting) excess gas accumulation in the bowel. There's an abdomen, a belly puncture, abdominal pain; possibly large quantities of digestive gases...

- (Sin: Nosocomial infections) - communicable diseases and early infections that have become part of the hospital ' s main disease, as well as health workers ' illnesses due to treatment and care for communicable diseases. Source... An encyclopedic vocabulary on psychology and pedagogy

Infectious processes caused by proteus bacteria (see). All representatives of this kind are probable pathogenic to humans and are capable of causing diseases with a variety of localizations and polymorphics, paintings. 70 80 e...

- A group of faeces, diseases that are common to children. A common sign of all infectious diseases, the ability to transmit from the infected organism to the healthy and under certain conditions to accept mass (epidemic) spread. Source... ... Russian pedagogical encyclopedia

- A group of diseases that are predominantly in children ' s abilities to be transmitted from an infected organism to a healthy and, under certain conditions, to accept mass (epidemic) spread. The source of the infection may not be just... Pedagogical terminology dictionary

- acute intestinal diseases resulting from food consumption of products that multiplied microorganisms and accumulated toxins; characterized by sudden starts, intoxication, gastroenterite. It's often noted... An encyclopedic vocabulary on psychology and pedagogy

- sharp infestation diseases caused by some Salmonella bacteria. Parathifs A and B. Their appearances are similar to abdominal typhoid. Registered everywhere. The source of the infection is a person (a sick person or... An encyclopedic vocabulary on psychology and pedagogy

- acute intestinal infections of animals and humans caused by salmonellas (see Salmonella). C. A person is treated as a certain illness (nosological form) distinct from abdominal typhoid (see Brush typhoid) and parathifs... a large Soviet encyclopedia

- acute intestinal infections of animals and humans caused by salmonellas. Humans: Raw Raw, vomit, diarrhoea (in addition to abortion); exposure through meat, eggs of S. Birds, etc. Encyclopedic dictionary

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