Microbiology Of Subject And Purpose

Microbiology (from the Greek micros- small, bios-life, logos-learning, i.e. small life learning) is a science that teaches organisms, invisible unarmed eyes, which for their microscopic dimensions are called microorganisms.

Microbiology is addressed by their morphology, physiology, genetics, systemicism, ecology and relationships with other forms of life.

In cell construction, all living organisms can be divided into eukariotes (the nuclear casing and kernels) Procariots (without a true kernel) and with no cell structure (acariots).

Microscopic eukariotes include mushrooms and prostates; Procaritas-- Archebacteria, bacteria, low (green) algae, alcohol, actinomits, rricketsia, chlamydia and micoplasms; cocoriotes are pines, viroids and viruses.

Microorganisms planted Earth another 3 to 4 billion years ago, long before the emergence of higher plants and animals. Microbeans represent the largest and diverse group of living creatures. Micro-organisms are extremely widespread in nature and are the only forms of living matter that plant any, wide-ranging substrates, including more highly organized animal and plant organisms.

Without micro-organisms, life in its modern forms would be impossible.

Microorganisms have created atmosphere, cycling of substances and energy in nature, fragmentation of organic compounds and synthesis of protein, promoting soil fertility, oil and stone coal formation, venting of mountain species and many other natural phenomena. Micro-organisms carry out important production processes - bread, wine and beer, organic acid, ferment, food proteins, hormones, antibiotics and other medicines.

Subject of study Medical microbiology pathogenic micro-organisms are human diseases. These micro-organisms can cause epidemics that take millions of lives. Infectious diseases remain a major cause of death, causing significant economic damage.

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