Microbiology Object And Purpose


Leading the topic of "The infections of urea. Sanitary microbiology."
1. Diagnosis of urea infections. Treatment of urea infections.
2. That's enough. Diagnostic prostate. Prostate treatment.
3. Negative infections of female genital organs. Diagnostics of female genital infections.
4. Sexually transmitted diseases. STD.
5. Post-operative wounds. Post-operative infections.
6. Early infections. Surgical infections.
7. System infections. Classification of system infections.
8. Surgical infections. An important surgical infection.
10. Methods of sanitary and microbial research. Direct detection of pathogenic microorganisms.

Sanitary microbiology is the direction of medical microbiology, studying the microflora of the environment and its impact on human health and the state of its habitat. The beginning of the development of hygienic microbiology can be considered as 1883, when a French doctor, E. Mase, proposed that the intestinal stick be considered as an indicator of the phenomenal contamination of water. Research into microfloras and microbiological processes in human habitats is necessary to hygienically assess their relationship with the environment. Sanitary microbiology is developing methods for controlling water, soil, air, food and various rims. Main challenges Microbiology

♪ Study Biocentreswhere there are microbes that are pathogenic to human beings and their role in their accumulation.

♪ Develop methods of microbiological research on the external environment, microbiological norms and environmental rehabilitation activities.

Principles of sanitary and microbial research

Different factors may have a significant impact on the analysis. At the current stage, the task of hygienic microbiology significantly complicates intensive environmental pollution, affecting not only autochthonous (normal) but also allo-chton (sanitary and pathogenic) microflora. Therefore, sanitary and microbial research should be carried out. ♪

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