Clinical Microbiology Goals And Objectives


- Microbiology section, microbiol, ethology, pathogenes, opportunistic microbial immunology and microbial methods of microbiols. The subjects of M.C. research...

- (also known as clinical biochemistry or medical biochemistry) clinical laboratory diagnostics, using analytical chemistry techniques to study biological facilities for certain chemicals...

- I Microbiology (greek mikros small + Biology of Microorganism Science, studying their systemtics, construction, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and variability, dissemination and role in nature, human life, as well as methods of development... Medical encyclopedia

♪ Founded in 1955 The periodicity of 12 issues per year of the Journal of clinical laboratory diagnostics is presented in the following international reference publications: Index Medicus; Analytical Abstracts; Biological Abstracts; Chemical Abstracts; ... ...Vicipedia

- (Greek diagnostikos is capable of detecting) a combination of chemical, biochemical and biological diagnostic techniques, which examine the variations in the composition and alteration of the tissue and biological fluids of the patient, as well as detecting... Medical encyclopedia

- (opportunistic, potentially pathogenic) a large group of diverse, systematic microbes, streams come into contact with human organisms in some cases involving symbiosis, commercialism and (or) neutralism, otherwise competitive... ...My microbiology

♪ The discovery of M.P. refers to the second half of 17 in. It is linked to the general rise of medical science and practice. Until then, work on various medical issues has been published in general scientific journals. Like, "Journal des...

- I Medicine Medicine Medicine, a system of scientific knowledge and practice that aims to promote and preserve health, extend lives, prevent and treat human diseases. To accomplish these tasks, M. is studying the building and... Medical encyclopedia

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