Challenges And Microbiology Sections

Предмет, задачи и этапы

MicrobiologyThere is a link between fundamental and clinical disciplines, and it is necessary for doctors of all professions to know it. Infectious diseases are at the forefront of human diseases. Virtually in any hospital facility, doctors are faced with internal hospital infections. The health well-being of the population depends on the ecology of microbes. Therefore, a future doctor should know the basic knowledge of microbiology regardless of the profession he chooses.

The whole world of microbes is studying the science of microbiology (from Greek micros - small, latte bios - life, logos - learning). The world of micro-organisms can be divided into four great kingdoms: bacteria, mushrooms, simple viruses. Each is subject to the examination of individual sections of microbiology, autonomous disciplines - bacteriology, micology, protozoology and virology. In addition, microbiology is divided into a number of sections and disciplines, particularly common and private. The overall microbiology is divided into anatomy (construction), physiology, biochemistry, genetics, environment and microbe evolution. The private microbiology of the subjects is divided into medical, veterinary, agricultural, marine, space, technical.

Medical microbiology studies microbes that are pathogenic to humans; veterinary is pathogenic to animals; agricultural diseases caused by plants; marine and space studies microbes, respectively, in seas and oceans, water basins or in outer space. The technical microbiology examines and implements in practice the possibilities and properties of microbes to synthesize and produce, in their lifetime, valuable products such as sugar, alcohol, carbs, proteins, including enzymes, acids, etc. Biotechnology has emerged from technical microbiology.

Microbiology study Build microbes capable of causing a person ' s disease, life (physiology), genetics, environmentals, pathogenes (mechanism of disease), basic clinical manifestations of infectious diseases, specific diagnostics, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and their epidemiological characteristics.

Microbiology produced a separate science, immunology, researching ways and mechanisms to protect the organism from genetically alien substances, antigens. Microbiological research, which includes a set of immunological methods (immune reactions invitro and invivo) used for the diagnosis and identification of microbes, plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

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