Challenges And History Of Microbiology


- Section M., which examines the human environment microflour in terms of the possible negative or beneficial effects of micro-organisms on human health and the environment, which produces microbiological indicators of hygiene... ...a big medical dictionary

♪ Microbiology of the science of living organisms, invisible unarmed eye (microorganisms): bacteria, archebacteria, microscopic mushrooms and algae, which often extends the list with slopes and viruses. In the area of microbiology... ...Vicipedia

- I Microbiology (greek mikros small + Biology of Microorganism Science, studying their systemtics, construction, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and variability, dissemination and role in nature, human life, as well as methods of development... Medical encyclopedia

- (from Greek mikrós ы small and biology), science that teaches microscopic and submicroscopic organisms (microorganisms). M.: bacteria, some groups of mushrooms, simple, and viruses. M. respectively... ...Veterinary encyclopedic dictionary

♪ The discovery of M.P. refers to the second half of 17 in. It is linked to the general rise of medical science and practice. Until then, work on various medical issues has been published in general scientific journals. Like, "Journal des...

Microbiology of science the living organisms of the invisible unarmed eye (microorganisms): (bacteria, archebacteria, microscopic mushrooms and algae, which often extends the list to sins and viruses). Microbiology interests include them...

- I Medicine Medicine Medicine, a system of scientific knowledge and practice that aims to promote and preserve health, extend lives, prevent and treat human diseases. To accomplish these tasks, M. is studying the building and... Medical encyclopedia

- STATISTIC. 1. Brief history, subject and basic concepts of general statistics. Subject C. is an examination of the combinations of internally linked, albeit externally isolated elements. The internal pattern of the latter is manifested... Big medical encyclopedia.

- I Gigien (Greek hygieinos healthy) medical field, which examines the impact of living and working conditions on human health and develops measures (sanitary rules, regulations, etc.) aimed at preventing diseases, ensuring optimal... Medical encyclopedia

- WAT. I. Chemical properties and water composition. The waters of the world ' s oceans and seas are 361 million square kilometres and occupy 71 per cent of the world ' s total surface. In a free state, B. takes the most superficial part of the earth's crust, that's...

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