Basis Of Microbiology Of Virus And Immunology Of Crows

K. G. Dobrasov1, O. A. Kolenchukova2, A. V. Sipkin1

1 Rain clinic at the Krasnoyarsk station (Chief Doctor T. A. Ioxt)
2 Development of the Medical Problems of the North of the RAN, Krasnoyarsk (Director-Corr B. T. Manchuk)

This study examines the effectiveness of the application of the new form of Bioparox (Laboria Servier, France) in the treatment of acute rinosinusit. Fifty-two cases with acute rinosinusit of medium and severe severity were treated, of which 25 were locally using Bioparox aerosols in a new dosage (two inhalation per nose 4 times a day, 7 days). As a result, for 5 days of treatment, the expression of endoscopic inflammation criteria for patients treated by Bioparox was lower (2, 4 ±0, 5 balla) than for traditional therapy (3, 6 ±0, 4 ballas); bacterial intensities of 7 days (Staphylococcus - 103COE/ml, v. 105COE/mcush) The use of Bioparox also improved local immunological criteria (IL-7β was 2, 6 pg/mg, 3,650 pg/mg in control; FRN-α-1, 0 pg/mg versus 10, 0 pg/mg in comparison group). Thus, the results of the clinical study confirmed the effectiveness of the new form of Bioparox in the treatment of acute rinosinusitis.
Key words: Acute ronosinusitis, Bioparox, microflora, immunity, local therapy.
Bibliography: 11 sources.


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