What Bacteria Is

Bacteria is the oldest group of organisms on Earth. The first bacteria appeared perhaps more than 3, 5 billion years ago and for almost a billion years was the only living creatures on our planet. Because they were the first wildlife representatives, their body was primitive.

Their construction has become more complex over time, but the bacteria is now considered to be the most primitive single-cluster organisms. I wonder if some bacteria have yet to preserve the primitive features of their ancient ancestors. This is the case with bacteria in hot grey sources and oxidized needles on the bottom of water bodies.

Most bacteria are colorless. Only a few painted in purple or green. But the colonies of many bacteria have a bright colour, which is caused by the release of the painted substance into the environment or the pygment of cells.

The world ' s bacteria was pioneered by Antonia Levengook, a 17-century Dutch naturalist who for the first time created a perfect bulb-microscope that increased 160-270 times.

Bacteria belongs to the propariots and is divided into a separate kingdom, Bacteria.

Body form

Bacteria is numerous and diverse organisms. They differ in shape.


There are movable and permanent forms among the bacteria. Mobile movements are carried out on the basis of swab cuts or by jugs (crazed virtuous filaments) composed of a special flagella protein. Pigs can be one or more. They are located at some bacteria on one end of the cell, with others on two or all surfaces.

But the movement is also characteristic of many other bacterias that have no jugicals. Okay, bacteria, covered outside with slide, is capable of moving.

Some loose water and soil bacteria burners have gas vacuums in cytoplastics. There could be 40-60 vacuums in the cage. Each is filled with gas (presumably nitrogen). By regulating the amount of gas in the vacuums, water bacteria may be submerged or approached to the water, and soil bacteria may move in the soil capillaries.

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