Genetic Microbiology

Презентация. Генетика бактерий

The title of the topic is "Bacteria Growth Assessment." Bacteria. Genetic bacteria."
1. Two-phase bacteria growth. Diauxia. Growth without separation. Bacteria growth rate. Quantitative bacteria growth.
2. Factors affecting the growth of bacteria. Cultural environments for bacteria growth. Simple and complex cultural environments. Solid and liquid cultural environments.
3. Bacteria growth rate. Mesophile bacteria. Thermophile bacteria. Psychrophy bacteria. Bacteria.
4. The rum is necessary for the growth of the bacteria. Bacteria pigments. Pigments. Bacteria pigments.
5. Bacteria. Bacteria. Sporangia. Endosors. Exopors.
6. Morphology is bacteria. Bacteria dispute. Bacteria.
7. Bacteria. Bet your bacteria betting. Bacteria's location.
8. Bacteria dispute. Activation of the dispute. Bacteria (intact) shapes.
9. Genetic bacteria. Gene bacteria. Genotype bacterial cell♪ Bacterial cell fan. Genetic Bacteria material.

The non-chromosomal factors of bacteria inheritance are represented by plasmids, curves and transposts. All of them are formed by DNA molecules which differ between themselves by molecular mass, coding the receptacle, ability to repel independently, etc.

Bacteria plates. Plasmide species. Bacteria plasmide.

Plasmides are DNA fragments with molecular mass of approximately 106~108 D containing between 40 and 50 genes. A self-contained (non-chromosome bacteria) and integrated (in chromosome) Plasmides.

♪ Autonomous plasmides exist in bacteria cytoplastics and are capable of being reproduced on their own; several copies may be present in the cage.

♪ Integrated plasmides are reproduced simultaneously with bacterial chromosomes. The integration of plasmide occurs with homologic DNA sequences in which chromosome and plasmid DNA can be recombined (to bring them closer to the prophases).

♪ Plasmides are also subdivided into transmissible (e.g. F- or R-plasmids) capable of being transmitted by means of excitation and non-transmission.

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