Bacteria Microbiology System

Классификация и систематика

Biological systemicism, or taxonomy (from the Greek taxis - location, order, nomos - Law), scoping on the distribution of animals and plant micro-organisms by group or individual systematic categories, depending on similar characteristics. The low core of the system is the species. Similar species are merged into kinship, which consists of families in order and class.

Microorganisms are extremely complex. Many micro-organisms have the same morphological characteristics, but different physiological properties. The evolution of many micro-organisms is unknown, and their kinship is often unclear. Moreover, the concept of " vision " for micro-organisms has not yet been clearly defined. Typically, micro-organisms with common morphological and physiological properties similar to antigenic structure are classified as one type. In habitat, micro-organisms, which make up this type of species, cause similar processes as a result of their activities. The name of the species of microorganisms is given by the binnominal (two) nomenclature proposed by Linnei in 1760. The first word in the name of micro-organism means birth and is usually Latin, the second word is the name of the microbe. The name of the kind is written with a capital letter, and the species with a string like Bacillus anthracis is a sybrated stick, a sibir ulcer. When writing the ancestral name of the bacteria, it is accepted to reduce to the original letter, e.g. E. coli (Escherichia coli), the intestine stick.

The names of micro-organisms may reflect the names of the scientists who have opened them. So the bracelets are described by English scholars-- Bruce, Lambley is a Russian doctor, Lambelle. The name of Salmon's American microbiologist is Salmonella, the German scientist, Eserikha, the Japanese microbiologist Shiga, Sigella. Sometimes the name of microorganisms has to do with the name of the organ they're hitting: for example, meningoccas are causing brain damage, pneumoccal. ♪ ♪

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