Total Microbiology

Head of the Department - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academic RAEN Oleg Vasilievich Rubalski

The microbiology department was organized in 1920. Professor B.I. Kurochkin was the first director of the microbiology department, who was specializing at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. B.I. Kuroskin had a cafeteria until 1967. The cafeteria research in these years has been devoted to the study of the ethics and epidemiology of botulism, malaria, syphilis, sanitary bacteriology and epidemiology of patology. B.I. Kurochan founded in Astrahani a microbiologist science school whose representatives (K.G. Emelanc, P.I. Buchin, B.P. Bogomolov, J.D. Chirkin, A.A. Shepel, L.I. Davidov) had been edited in AGMA and other UPZs in different years.

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