Microbiology And Virology Institute

Институт микробиологии и
IHL " Microbiology and virology Institute " of the Science Committee of IHC

Republican State Enterprise


Shamis David Lazarevich, Joumatov Hamza Jumatovic


Kazakhstan: Almaty, Ul. Bogenbay Bataira, 103


Microbology and virology

Number of staff


IHL " Microbiology and virology Institute " of the Science Committee of IHC


The Institute of Microbiology and virology of AN KazSSR is based on the Microbiology Branch of the Institute of Batanica AN KazSSR (Decision of the Bureau of the Nauk KazSSR Academy No. 13 of grams). microbiology and virology" The Centre of Biological Research " of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (certificate on the State registration of legal person No.-PG), renamed the CST " Institute of Microbiology and Virology " of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (certificate on the State Re-registration of Legal No.-PGP.).


The Institute of Microbiology and virology (IMB) is the leading scientific organization in Kazakhstan to develop fundamental and applied problems in microbiology and virology. The Institute ' s objective is to undertake basic, fundamental and applied research in microbiology and virology aimed at strengthening the scientific and technical capacity of the Republic and promoting the socio-economic sphere. The Institute ' s main focus is on research in microbiology and virology, the development of microbial and viral drugs for medicine, agriculture, food and environmental protection, the training of microbiology and virology scientists. The Institute has 107 staff members, including 15 PhDs, 25 science candidates. Director-General of the Institute, Sadanov Amankeldi Kurbanovic, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, General Service, 38 years of service.

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