Soil Sanitary Microbiology

Презентация. Микробиология

Leading the theme of the Sanitary-microbiological study of soil, the microflora of water bodies.
1. Methods of indirect identification. Basic characteristics of health-proof micro-organisms.
2. Pollution indicators. Bacteria of the whale band.
3. Enteroccus Bacteria. Proteus Bacteria.
4. Clostridium perfringens. Termophiles. Salmonella Bacteria. Colifage.
5. Sanitary microbiological study of soil.
6. Elementary microorganisms. Groups of soil microorganisms.
7. Indicative microorganisms for soil sanitary assessment.
9. Sanitary microbiological study of water. The microwave of water bodies.
10. Autochton microflora of open water bodies.

Objectives of soil sanitary microbial research Next.

♪ Sanitary assessment of the soil of settlements and new areas of settlement length, sanatoriums, children ' s camps, pre-school institutions, reservoirs, etc.

Water issuessewerage and treatment of human settlements.

♪ Sanitary assessment of soil contaminated with chemicals.

Control of soil purification processesbiologically polluted.

♪ Epidemiological soil survey to determine how to contaminate it. Indicate and identify pathogenic microorganisms where soil spreads a significant role -- salmonella, shydell, pathogenic clostrides and sybir sticks. The study also includes soil sanitary and virus studies.

Sanitary-microbiological soil research, depending on the objectives of the study, involves a brief and complete analysis. The sampling shall be made from a square section (at least 5x5 m). The samples shall be taken from 20 to 30 cm depth from each angle and square centre. We'll get samples 1 kg. A brief sanitary microbiological analysis provides for the definition of OMCH, TYPs, TMGs, interoccups, Clostridium perfringens, thermophile bacteria, nitrifying bacteria. The indicators show the existence and extent of fecal pollution. The status of soil purification processes from pathogens and organic pollution can also be determined. Synthesis of soil is carried out in ongoing sanitary supervision of soil conditions. The complete sanitary and microbial analysis includes the definition of all the indicators of summary analysis as well as the total number. ♪ ♪

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