Veterinary Germ Microbiology

Ветеринарная микробиология

The training is divided into four sections. The first section on general virology includes key information on the history of virology development, the characteristics of the morphology of viruses and their data. ♪ ♪

G. G., Galillin A. K., Volkov A. H., Ibrahimov A. I.

The first part of the training manual sets out the basics of general and private microbiology: the history of the outbreak object and purpose Principles of morphology and microorganisms physiology and genetics. ♪ ♪

G. G., Ibrahimov A. I., Galillin A.K.

The training manual consists of five sections. The first section describes general microbiology issues: morphology, construction, physiology, ecology, inheritance and variability of micro-organisms. ♪ ♪

Kolitchev N.M., Gosmanov R.G.

The training consists of six sections: " Common microbiology " , " Infection learning sites " , " Immunology centres " , " Infectious Disease Diagnostic Metodes " , " Large Microbiology and Mikology " , " Sanitary " . ♪

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