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Город Киров: Густой дым

The production of these drugs started in Kirov in the 1940s.

It's not enough who knows that we're the ones who started producing the first domestic antibiotics - penicillin and steptomicin.

This credit belongs to members of the Ministry of Defence microbiology, which has been classified for a long time. So everything that's connected is kept secret. We'll open her curtain today.

♪ The Kyrians must be proud that such events have taken place on our land, and we believe that Eugenia Pimenov, which led a secret NI. - It was a real breakthrough in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Useful mold

Microbiology Institute (then he was called the Soviet Army Institute) evacuated to Vitka from Podmoskovia in 1942, told Evgeny Vasiljevic. The work on anti-microbial drug was already under way: penicillin was available in laboratory conditions, in small quantities. And in 1944, our microbiologists released the first antibiotics party.

The Soviet Penicillin technology was at that time the most advanced and original. The English had also developed their own technology by the beginning of the war, but it had a serious minus: the penicillin was not possible. There were still appendices from which patients had severe side effects: the place of the injection was inflammable, temperatures were rising, etc.

Our scientists have developed deep-growing technology that allows penicillin to be free of impurities. It was equally effective in combating infections and did not make such complications. And the very procedure for obtaining antibiotics was simpler, technologically simple and raised the " yields " of mould mushrooms.

In practice, it looked like a sterile nutrient was poured into a metal dummy, placed it in a bulb, fed it and maintained an optimum temperature. When a day or two, the crops were ripped off, the biomass was poured. After her cleanup and drying, there was white powder.

For the development of an industrial technology for penicillin, the chief of microbiology, A. Copylov, the sciences of M. Faibić and the leading researcher, N. Ginsburg, were awarded the Stalin Award. A new era began in the history of medicine, an era of antibiotics. Already at the end of the war, the medicines in Kirov appeared in front hospitals and saved hundreds and thousands of lives.
And our microbiologists went further and, in 1947, created a technology for industrial production of a tuberculosis. So the first two domestic antibiotics had a vitae. They were later released by the health industry of the entire USSR.

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