Microbiology Micropreparates

Микропрепараты по
Microcompartment Fixing Micropreparates

The attachment procedure (recording) has erased the material, including bacter. suspension, to the surface of the material glass. F.m. ensures that microbes are attached to the glass to prevent their washing in the after-treatment process; the destruction of microbes to ensure safety and security with communicable material; the prevention of autolisis of cells; and a better perception of paint. They do heat and chem. Privacy Heat F. The dried drug is spent 2-3 times above the flame of the burner. This method violates the wholesale of structures and can only be used in relation to bacteria and mushrooms with a thick cryid cell wall. Less profound changes in shape and structure cause F. chem. or their mixtures. For F.m., methanol (5 minutes), ethanol (15 minutes), Nikiforov mixture (equivalent amounts of ethyl alcohol and ether) (15 min), Cenker mixture, Shaudin, Bowen (mix picrinum k-you-75 ml, formalna-25 ml and ice c-b 5 ml). F.m. for electronic microscopes, the structure of the facility should be minimally disrupted. For this purpose, glutaraldehyde, tetraoxide of osmia, usually in alkaline phosphate or acetate-veronal buffer.

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