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Луи ПастерLouis Paster
Louis Pasterthe fundamentalist of modern microbiology and immunology, born on 27 December 1822 in the French city of Dol. He successfully completed college and went to High School. Louis was particularly involved in chemistry and physics, and his first discovery was made in student years, discovering the optical asy of molecules. These studies formed the basis for a new scientific direction, stereochemistry.

After completing school in 1847, Paster was already known for his research on the building of crystals. He passed the examinations for a degree of physical science, protected the doctoral dissertation and taught natural sciences in many universities in the country.

Since 1857, Paster has been studying fermenting processes. Numerous experiments have shown that the fermentation is not a chemistry process, as it was then thought, but a biological phenomenon caused by microorganisms, briskets. And claimed that each type of fermentation (mol-oxy, alcohol, obscuration) was caused by specific " births " .
As a result of a study of the issue of vin disease, Paster has proved that these diseases are caused by various micro-organisms, each with a special inducement. To destroy harmful " organized enzymes " , he offered to warm wine. This method was later referred to as " pasterization " (in the name of the creator) followed in the production of other food products (beer, milk, fruit and weather).

Further research by the scholar has focused on the search for ways to combat the instigators of dangerous contagious diseases of animals and humans (syber ulcers, rabies, chicken blindness, red pigs, etc.). Paster has shown that diseases called " contagious " can only arise from infection, i.e. infiltration from the external environment of microbes with a virus.

He proposed a method of vaccination against infectious diseases using weakened crops of the relevant micro-organisms and referred to the procedure for their use as " vaccination " . And for the first time, I tried a vaccine on a man that was successful.

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