Linking Microbiology To Other Disciplines


1. Three practical applications

2. Emergence and development of microbiology

3. Linking microbiology to other sciences

4. Feasibility of microbiology


List of used literature


Microbiology (from micro... and biology), science that teaches microorganisms - bacteria, micolas, actinomics, tremors, microscopic mushrooms and algae - their systemic, morphology, physiology, biochemistry, hereditivity and variability, distribution and role in natural cycling, practical.

Science on smallest organisms not visible to the naked eye. Microbiology studies the building of microbes (morphology), their chemistry and life patterns (physiology), variability and inheritance (genetics of microorganisms), relationships with other organisms, including humans, and their role in shaping the biosphere. In history. development of microbiology as science divided into general, agricultural, veterinary, medical and industrial. The general microbiology examines the pattern of microbe activity as organisms, as well as the role of microbes in the maintenance of life on Earth, in particular their participation in carbon, nitrogen, energy, etc.

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