Jenner Microbiology

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OspaKnown from ancient times and descriptions of its symptoms were retained in the written monuments of India, China and Egypt. It may have destroyed a third of the ancient Athens population during the Peloponnes War (430 g. to N.e.) and was the devastational seaweed that spread through the Rome Empire after the Parafian War at Mark Avrlija (165-180).

Although for the first time the term "spa" - Variola (Latta) - used Bishop Avenue Maria (570), in his Chronicle, and 10 years later, he was repeated by Grigori Turski, the author of History of F, until the age of VIII, the Medieval Europe did not know the mass outbreaks of spasm, which began only with the arrival of the Arabs. Crests XI to XIII Vv were another source of spray in Europe. At the beginning of the XVI, the Ospa was placed in England and then spread in its American colonies. The Spanish ships brought spice to Central and South America, where the epidemic killed up to 90 per cent of the local Indian population.

In XVII to XVIII Vv in Europe, 400,000 people died each year. A number of European monarchs were victims of the outbreak: Queen of England Maria II in 1694, Emperor Petr II in 1730, King Louis XV of France in 1774, Kurfust Bavaria Maximilian III Joseph in 1777.

In South Africa, the fall of Spain came from India in 1713, to Australia in 1768, although New Zealand had only arrived in 1913, distributed through United States missionaries from Yuta, to the Hawaii in the late nineteenth century. Even after the discovery of the Jenner vaccine, many Europeans, without believing in the viability of the vaccine, continued to suffer from the outbreaks of opium: during the French-Perusian war, in 1870-1,871 French soldiers died from the opium, while the German army lost only 278 people from the disease.

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