Institute Of Microbiology Of Vinograd

1997RAN Correspondent
1989 doc.Institute of Microbiology AN USSR, Moscow
1977 Kanddis.Institute of Biochemistry and physiology of micro-organisms of AN USSR, Puchcho Moskovskaya.
1966-1971Gorkovski (Nigergoro) State University, Biophysics (microbiology)

Place of work:

2015 - N/AFellow of Microbiology of FRPI " Formal Frameworks of Biotechnology "
2003-2015Director, Institute of Microbiology, S.N. Vinograd RAN (INMI RAN)
1996Organized and led the Laboratory for the Classification and Storage of Unique Micro-organisms INMI RAN
1988 - 2003Leading Fellow, Institute of Microbiology, AN USSR
1981-1988Senior Fellow, Institute of Biochemistry and Micro-organisms, AN USSR
1975 - 1981Associate Fellow, Institute of Biochemistry and Micro-organisms, AN USSR
1971-1974AN USSR Institute of Biochemistry and physiology of Microorganisms

Awards and distinctions:

2003S.N. Vinograd RAN Prize winner for the monograph of Metanotrophic Bacteria
2002United States Congress Medal (USA Antarctic Service Medal) for Antarctica lake ecosystem studies
300-year-old medal to the Russian fleet for achievements in marine research and participation in numerous marine expeditions
IIC Science Award winner


2013Member of the Bureau of the Office of Biological Sciences
2006Member of the Bureau of the Cosmic Biology and physiology Section and the Rain System Section of the RAN Space Council
2005Chairman of the RAN Scientific Council on Microbiology under the RAN Bureau
2004Editor, Trudas Institute of Microbiology S.N. Vinograd
Co-sponsor and President of the Interregional Public Organization Microbiological Society in Russia
1990Member of the magazine Microbiology

Main scientific interests:
Study of methane-based bacteria, global methane cycle, biogeochemical activities of microbial communities of extreme ecosystems, microorganism survival, astrobiology, physico-chemical and molecular-biological methods for detecting microorganisms in situ.


The main research results of V.F. Galchenko are presented in over 200 publications in scientific journals and 3 monographs.

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