Microbiology Physiology

Biological Institute
Training Dry
Duration of programme 2 years
Language of instruction Russian
Programme concept: The programme refers to fundamental specialization and provides a basis for the training of highly qualified professionals in the educational and scientific process who understand and study critical processes in the biosphere. The programme includes education and research in the fundamental areas of Life Science using modern molecular and bio-information methods and the use of this knowledge to create new generations of biotechnology. The specificity of the master ' s programme - the use of modern Research methodsinvolving leading scientists from institutions: C.A. Timirazev RAN Institute for Plant Philosophy (Moscow), S.N. Vinograd University (Moscow), Institute of Literology and Genetics of the RAN (Ms. Novosibirsk), where branches of the Department of Plants and Biotechnology Research, as well as the University of National Science and Technology, have been established.
Objective of the programme: Preparation of skilled biotechnologists, microbiologists and physiologists of plants with basic scientific knowledge in the field of natural science that possesses scientific creativity techniques that can use methods of obtaining, processing, analysing and storing scientific information ready for research, pedagogical and design work. The main scientific areas are: (1) hormonal and secular regulation of the morphinesis of plants; (2) biotechnology and phytochemicals of medicinal and agricultural plants; (3) industrial biotechnology and biotechnologically significant microorganisms; (4) extremes and deep biosphere; (5) genetic engineering of mushrooms and plants; (6) genetic and trans-critecryptic analysis.

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