Micro-Organisms Microbiology

Focus: Ecology and physiology of heterotrophic bacteria of aquatic ecosystems, their role in natural water purification processes.

  • Tatiana Igorevna, a leading researcher, a candidate for biological sciences, conducts laboratory physiological and biochemical studies of water microorganisms.
  • Mosharov Irina Viktorovna, Senior Scientific Officer, candidate for biological sciences. In 2008, the Candidate Dissertation on " Bacteria Ecology, Transforming Polychlorinated Biphenyls, its seat in the Marine Heterotrophic Bacterioplankton " (Scholars - A.V. Tsiban Academy, Professor V.V. Illinski). The site of numerous marine expeditions, conducts systematic microbiological observations on the Moscow river.
  • Anastasia Yurievna Akulova, Category 1 engineer. Theme of work is the Heterotrophic Bacterioplankton of the Cosinsky Trehosery and its participation in natural purification from oil hydrocarbons.
B.V. Illinsky in the laboratory,Greens, Barents Sea

Field studies are carried out on the Moscow river from the Mojay Reservoir to its exit beyond the line of Moscow, on the springs of Mr. Moscow, as well as a number of marine water bodies, through joint scientific expeditions with other organizations. To date, we have carried out monitoring microbiological observations in the Atlantic, Pacific and North Seas, the White, Barents, Karsk, Baltic, Caspian and Black Seas. Several scientific projects were implemented jointly with the Murman Marine Biological Institute (MBI) of RAN, the Institute of Oceanology. P. P. Shiršová, Szecin University (Poland), Greyfswald University (Germany), Lund University (Sweden).

E.V. Mosharov in the cafeteria laboratoryB. V. Illinsky, Barentsio SeaRosette with oceanographic umbrellas

I.V. Mosharov in the Ship ' s Laboratory

Some results:

On the basis of integrated in-kind observations carried out in aquatic ecosystems of various latitudes, including Arctic and Antarctic areas, information has been obtained on the characteristics of spatial distribution and quantitative changes in the rim of major groups of heterotrophic bacterioplankton of marine and freshwater waters under various environmental factors, including oil pollution.

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