Genetic Method In Microbiology

Head of Laboratory:
Valery Crudu, Doctor of Medicine.


Laboratory development and improvement microbiological methods

Diagnostics of tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases, study of the variability of pathogenic agent, virulentness and pathogenicity of L-form microbacteria, study of M. tuberculosis ' s resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs, study of molecular-genetic methodology for diagnosing drug resistance. Establishment and testing of new synthetic compounds with anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial and anti-tuberculosis, molecular-genetic diagnostic techniques and testing of drug resistance. Establishment of a single computerized system for monitoring anti-tubeculosis resistance at the national level, improvement and standardization of microbiological methods for diagnosing sustainable and polycoustic tuberculosis.

Laboratory and research methods:

BD Probe Tec M
  • Insulating (SDA) fluidization and rapid detection.
  • High productivity
  • Use safety (closed)
  • Strengthening and simultaneous identification.
  • Security.
  • Insulated method.
  • EpiCenter, LIS programs.
  • For reproduction and isolation of mycobacteria.
  • Testing of M. Tuberculosis sensitivity to anti-tuberculosis I and II rows.
  • Non-invasive fluorescent technology, short-term results.
  • Completely automated system
  • Time and material savings

2-3 times faster than routine

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