Lectures On Medical Microbiology

Калуцкий Павел ВячеславовичKalutski Pavel Vyacheslavović -
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academy of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Academy of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor of Science and Innovation, Head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology, Immunology of the Curic State Medical University

In 1979, he went to the Faculty of Medicine of the State Medical Institute. After the end of 1985, the Kursk Medito was admitted to the postgraduate in the cafeteria of microbiology.Шаталова Елена Васильевна After the post-graduate studies, he worked at the cafeteria of microbiology as an assistant, a senior teacher and an assistant, and since 1997 as the head of the cafeteria of the Curic State Medical University. Also in 1997, the doctoral dissertation was successfully defended. In 1995-1996, he worked as Deputy Dean for Foreign Students. Since 2009, the Director of Science and Innovation at the University of Curic State Medical, as well as the Chair of Microbiology, Virus, Immunology.

The main areas of research are:

Медведева Ольга АнатольевнаThe impact of magnetic fields of varying intensity (primarily the geomagnetic fields of the Kur magnetic anomalie region) on the biological properties of micro-organisms, the status of anti-infection protection of organisms and the duration of the infectious process;

Mixed infections;

The influence of pharmacological preparations on the status of anti-communicable protection.

P.V. Kalutzki published over 350 scientific and educational works, of which 4 monographs, 1 microbiology textbook for university students in the Sestrin case, 12 patents received. In 2007, a diploma was awarded for the opening of the " Legality of the influence of the geomagnetic field on biological objects " . Under his leadership, a number of educational videos have been created, two of which have been recommended by the Central Education and Methodological Commission of the Ministry of Education for Microbiology, Virus and Immunology as training materials for medical students.

For a long time, P.V. Kalutzki is a scholar of the Microbiology, Virus and Immunology Training Commission. ♪ ♪

Печенин Олег Дмитриевич Климова Людмила Григорьевна Ефремова Наталья Николаевна Жиляева Людмила Владимировна

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