Air Drip Microbiology


A characteristic epidemiological feature of the group
The disease is that a healthy person is infected by a sick person
close contact with him, i.e. air-cope. At the cough,
A sick person (or a carrier) is talking and chinching.
The outer environment is the smallest slide particles containing virulent
microbes; when these latter are hit by sliding top shell
The respiratory paths of a healthy person can be developed. Many
Air-capel infections are highly contagious and affect
A significant number of people in contact with patients; for example,
There are measles in childhood groups.

Catastrophe of upper respiratory tracts and slim nose
facilitate the spraying of zin and socks during conversation, cough and
chihanje, which may result in the presence of a healthy person in the vicinity
Man. Airborne infections are often increasing
in cold times of year due to frequency during this period of catar changes
butchers and upper respiratory paths.

Air-capel infections may be reimbursed
both bacteria (diphtheria, coke) and filtering viruses (natural)
Oxy, flu. After some air-capel infections,
Long-term bacterionosity, as sometimes happens after

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