Microbiology Situation

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Garacco Ekaterina Vladimirovna graduated from IvGmi Medical School in 1970. There was a specialization in health bacteriology in 1971, working as a practical doctor, and then as a scientific member of the All-Union Institute for Labour Protection.

Main scientific direction♪ Microbial ecology, bacteriophysics, nanotechnology and nanomaterials. Bacteriological and sanitary microbiological research methods are excellent.

In 1976, a candidate ' s dissertation was defended on the theme " Minimal air pollution of textile and sewing facilities and mitigation activities " . In 1994, she was elected as a pre-primary of IvGMA microbiology. In 1999, a doctor ' s dissertation on the theme " Microbiosis of production facilities and microbiological aspects of microbial contamination " (a scientific consultant, A.A. Vorobyev Academy) was selected to serve as a professor, who runs the IvGMA microbiology and virology department. In 2000, a professor of microbiology was assigned.

Served as a valid member of the Petrov Academy of Sciences and Arts, an associate member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; a member of the problem educational and methodological commission on microbiology, virology and immunology of the National Association of Immunological Science and Metheological Sciences of the Ministry of Health; member of the All-Russian Society of Rapidemiology, Microbiologists and Paramedics

Research on sanitation and environmental microbiology, the development of biosafety tools and techniques, i.e. 15 industry and 19 integrated microbiology research, has been published and implemented in the production of 4 sectoral manuals, 16 microbiology training manuals (6 recommended by UMO for medical students).

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