Challenges Of Microbiology

Задачи медицинской

Leading the topic of Microorganism detection. Microbiological research."
1. Microorganism detection techniques. Organization of a microbiological laboratory. Classification of microbiological laboratories. Patogenic biological agents (PBA).
2. Communicators ' groups. Classification of injectors. Infection groups.
3. Microbiological laboratory risk groups. Laboratories of different risk groups. Four risk groups of microbiological laboratories.
4. Bacteriological laboratories. Classification of bacteriological laboratories. Types of bacteriological laboratories in Russia.
5. Requirements for handling pathogenic biological agents (PBA) hazard groups III and IV. Requirements for microbiological laboratories.
6. Microbiological laboratory requirements. Work at the microbial lab. Microbiological laboratory performance requirements
8. Selection of microbiological research material. Collection of microbiological research material. Material for microbiological research.
9. Microbiological research. Classification of microbiological studies. Microscopic research method. Microbiological method. Biological method of study.
10. Serological methods of research. Allergic research techniques.

Microbiological research objective - To establish whether there is or is not a driver in the sick and environment.

Microbiological research objectives - Identify micro-organisms in the subject matter, determine their species, morphological, biochemical, toxic and antigenic properties, and determine the sensitivity of the micro-organisms allocated to anti-microbial drugs. Although microbiological. ♪ ♪

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