Major Phases Of Microbiology

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Medicine for all Nos. 5 (11), 1998- " Microbiologist and clinicist - interaction in practice.
Clinical microbiology and antimicrobial chemotherapy.

S.S. Beloprazenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chairman of the Moscow Ridge of Clinical Microbiologists and Steructural Chemicals and FUNCTIONS OF THE REGIONAL MICROBIOLOGICAL LABORATORY IN THE CLINICAL LABORATORY SYSTEM

The complexity of maintaining the continuous flow of microbiological research is known to each head of the laboratory. There are also subjective difficulties related to the fact that caregivers and LPC leaders, especially non-communicable diseases, are not sufficiently aware of the possibilities of a bacteriological laboratory and are often difficult to determine what tasks and time frames should be expected in microbiological research. An important negative factor is the prevailing belief that the results of the bacteriological study can be obtained no earlier than a week after the dispatch to the clinical laboratory. Between substantive Part of the bacteriological studies can be performed in 48-72 hours. In doing so, the bacteriological study itself takes a number of steps, each of which ends with a result. For example, the discovery of literate or grumpy bacteria or mushrooms during the first 24 hours before their exact identification can already be used for the purpose of rational therapy or its correction. The information provided by the attending physicians on the progress of the bacteriological study in the case of the sick.

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