Basis Of Microbiology And Epidemiology

Курс Маникюр + педикюр +

There is no doubt at present that infectious diseases are the result of the introduction of living incinerators, bacteria, viruses, the lowest, the gelmints and others, which are parasites and pathogenic to humans.

The nature of the influencing agent, his relationship with the human organism in which he parasites, and the external environment in which he may be in a certain period of time, are studied by many sections of medicine and biology.

Epidemiology is part of medical science, which examines the objective legality of the occurrence, distribution, termination of infectious diseases in human society and develops activities aimed at eliminating these diseases (I. I. Elkin).

The main focus of the study of epidemiology is the epidemic process and the many factors affecting it. The epidemic process is a continuous chain of successively developing, interconnected epidemics that occur in a collective of people under certain natural and especially social conditions.

Epidemiology is organically linked to many fields of medical science, especially hygiene, medical microbiology, parasiteology, general pathology, clinic and therapy of infectious diseases. It also has links with certain special clinical disciplines (dermatology, ophthalmology, surgery, etc.).

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