Bacteriophagus In Microbiology And Medicine

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Practical use of phases. Bacteriophagus are used in laboratory diagnoses of infections when the bacteria is identified, i.e. the definition of the fagotipus. For this. Method The phases based on the strict speciality of the fagos: a bow with a nutrient nutrient planted by the gazone of a pure buoyant ' s culture are dripping drops of various diagnostic types of specialtybeans. The bacteria is defined by the type of phase that triggered its lysis (the formation of the sterile stain, " drums " or " negative colony " , phase). Fagotification techniques are used to identify the source and ways of spreading the infection (epidemiological marking). The allocation of bacteria from different patients indicates a common source of infection.

The contents of bacteriophagus in environmental facilities (e.g. water) can be judged by the presence of appropriate pathogens. Such studies are carried out in the epidemiological analysis of outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Fags are also used to treat and prevent a number of bacterial infections. Production of abdominal, salmonellosis, dysentery, synonymous, staphoccal, steptocock phases and combination preparations (coliprotic, piobacteriophagus et al). Bacteriophagus are given oral, partial or local testimony in the form of liquid, plaque, sheeted, candle or aerosols.

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